Humble Ourselves

“the LORD giveth, and the LORD taketh away. Blessed be the Name of the LORD.” – Job 1:21


We must humble ourselves before the LORD and not place blame on the LORD, but glorify Him. Nothing we have is ours. Our money, our jobs, our health, our clothes, our bikes – all belong to Him, not to us. When we lose a comfort we must give thanks to the LORD for having had the comfort for the time we did. We must realize all is according to His will, not ours, and in this when we lose things, it is the same blessing as when we gain things.

Job was humble, and quiet and composed, and glorified God even as everything was taken away from him. He never lost his temper, never lost his faith, but continued to thank and glorify God. When everything was gone, he fell down and worshipped. If his riches were the principle of his religion then in losing his riches he would also have lost his religion. He did not. God is apart from all our earthly trappings and Job realized this. We were born naked into this world with nothing, and that’s how we return. We must submit ourselves to the will of God, whether we are being given to or taken away from, we must always remember to give thanks. Blessed be the Name of the LORD.

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